• Why does my candle create a tunnel/uneven surface?

Extinguishing a candle too early may lead to the formation of a tunnel around the wick and down through the core of the candle.

You should always burn for long enough so that the wax pool has enough time to reach the edges of the candle vessel, creating a pretty flat top everytime.

If you treat your candle correctly tunnelling can be avoided. To enjoy your candle fully please refer to our candle care information for a safer and better burn.

  • Why does my candle wax look discoloured or frosty?
Frosting is common with soy wax candles, this is a distinctive trait of soy wax candles especially when using 100% pure soy wax with no artificial preservative like we do. Don't worry, it does not affect the performance of your candle in anyway.
  • Why does ADDYGLOW use wooden wick?

Wooden wicks have nearly zero carbon build-up and therefore no soot and debris build up emitting a cleaner burn compared to cotton wick. Wooden wicks burn slower and longer than cotton wick by up to 25%, giving you more bang for your buck. It has a wider fragrance throw, 35% more fragrance throw into a room, compared to cotton wicks. Wooden wicks are 100% wood, they are not only eco-friendly and sustainable, but also toxin and phthalate free.

For further information about wooden wick please visit our Blog.

  • Can I have my soy candle decorated for a gift?

Of course, a small fee of $2.95 applies. We use dried petals and flowers for decorations.

  • How do I care for my candle?

Please refer to our Candle Care information.

  • What is crystal candle?

It's a candle that’s been infused with crystals and gemstones in order to promote clarity and inner peace as well as to help you manifest your specific desires. For further information about crystal candle please visit our Blog.

  • What are the different types of gemstones/crystals?

To learn more about the different types of gemstones/crystals please visit our Blog.

  • How do I use Crystal?

Please visit our Blog.



  • What is your Australian Business Number (ABN)?


  • Do you do wholesale?
Yes! Please email us at addyglow@hotmail.com for consideration as a wholesale partner
  • How do I contact ADDYGLOW?

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback please feel free to get in touch via our "Contact us" page located a the bottom of the home screen or email direct to addyglow@hotmail.com. Please allow 72 hours for us to get back to you. 

  • Do you have a store?

We have just started, so everything is online for now. We will publish our stockist list soon.

  • Do you do eGift Card? How does it work?

We certainly do, click here for credit value options. The value of an eGift Card can be redeemed by entering its unique code at checkout. A gift card holds a balance, which can be spent over more than one order. Gift card balances are applied to the total value of an order.


  • My item is damaged or faulty what do I do?

Unfortunately accidents happen and we do our best to ensure each item finds itself to you in perfect condition. If your item arrives damaged or faulty, please email us at addyglow@hotmail.com within 72 hours so we can work out the best solution for you. Please also refer to our Returns and Refunds Policy.

  • When will my order be shipped/delivered?

Please allow processing time up to 48 hours in addition to Shipping/Delivery.

  • How long will shipping/delivery take?

Please visit our Shipping and Delivery for detailed information.