Ideas for repurposing your candle jar

Not sure what to do with the empty jar?

Here are some suggestions for repurposing your candle jar:

  1. Use it as a desk organiser to hold pens and pencils
  2. Holding tea lights indoor and outdoor
  3. Nice addition to your vanity desk to hold your favourite makeup brushes, eyeliners, lip glosses or makeup removal pads.
  4. Keeping toothbrushes and other toiletries items to calm the chaos in the bathroom
  5. Storing Spices, just pop the air tight timber lid on
  6. Use it as a planter for a small plant
  7. Keep all your crystals or other treasures safe
  8.  Use as a loose change jar
  9. Use it as a snack jar
  10. Fill will bath salts and place on your bath caddy or at the end of your bath.
  11. Make your own DIY candle on the weekend

With a little imagination, your options are endless.

Tips to Clean Candle Jar

  • Firstly remove as much of the leftover wax as possible using a teaspoon
  • Scoop out any crystal or decoration left in the jar. Crystal can be washed in warm soapy water
  • Wash jar with warm soapy water from the tap and scrub the inside clean
  • Wick tabs and labels fall off easily. If it's stuck down, just slip a sharp knife underneath and pop it out.
  • Rinse the containers until jar is completely cleaned
  • Wipe it dry and your jar ready for use