The Benefits of Wooden Wick Candle

We often get questions why we use wooden wick and not the regular cotton wicks for our candle. Here are some of the reasons:

  1. a clean burn: Wooden wicks have nearly zero carbon build-up and therefore no soot and debris build up. Just trim off any charred wood from previous burns, and your flame will shine clean + bright. Unlike Cotton wick which will “mushroom” due to the soot it creates.

  2. long lasting: Wooden wicks burn slower and longer than cotton wick soy candles, by up to 25%, giving you more bang for your buck.
  3. wider fragrance throw: wooden wicks diffuse heat more rapidly into the wax, and can push up to 35% more fragrance throw into a room, compared to cotton wicks.
  4. the crackling ambiance: wooden wick have a distinct crackling sound when burning, and a generally more calming and appealing aspect in creating ambiance.

  5. a modern aesthetic: Wooden wicks have a distinctive flat horizontal flame, giving your candle a modern feel 

  6. Eco-friendly: Our wicks are 100% wood, they are not only eco-friendly and sustainable, but also toxin and phthalate free.

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